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Next Gen Designs offers design and development of custom and restoration parts in the automotive aftermarket. Specializing in advanced 3D modeling and 3D printing applications, Next Gen Designs is bringing cutting edge solutions to age old problems.  


3D Scanning


3D Scanning technology allows complex objects to be converted into a digital file for reverse engineering or duplication. Next Gen Designs is proud to offer scanning services to reproduce damaged or obsolete parts with precision.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)


Next Gen Designs utilizes advanced CAD software to create digital component designs from scratch. CAD designs are developed to fit a customer's unique needs and specifications for their application.

Fused Deposition Method 3D Printing


FDM 3D printing builds components by depositing plastic filament in fine layers, making this the ideal process for strong and complex parts. A variety of different materials are available with varying properties for maximum customization.

Liquid Crystal Display 3D Printing


LCD 3D printing utilizes a high resolution LCD display to selectively harden UV-sensitive liquid resin. Because the process utilizes fine light, this process is ideal for high quality cosmetic parts.

Computer Numerical Control Machining


CNC machining converts many lines of computer code into precise movement of cutting tools to form complex parts from large blocks of material. With a wide array of cutting tools and programming parameters parts can be made from virtually any material.



When multi-component assemblies are required, welding is the key process that brings the parts together. Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding is a precise, controlled welding process which produces high strength and high quality joints.

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